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Smartphone Media Production - A Smartphone Book

Don't be a Digital Dinosaur - Be a Digital Leader!

Smartphone Media Production Book is £0.99 on Amazon Kindle

ISBN-13: 9780995687301


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Teach yourself to capture incredible smartphone photos, iPhone videos, Facebook live streams, podcast audio and more.

Create media on your smartphone that will have your customers, family and friends watching, interacting and engaged and all with just your smartphone and this book.

Smartphone Media Production: A media revolution for everyone is the book for you

 If you would love to capture incredible photos, video, Facebook live streams with only the smartphone.

  If you're passionate about creating media ( taking smartphone images, arranging photo montages, editing pictures, short videos, live streams) and you're ready to learn the theories of each medium to improve your media.

  If costly photography and video gear, powerful laptops and complex photo editing software are standing in the way of you unleashing your creativity.

 If you love capturing videos, photos and live streaming with your iPhone or smartphone but can’t figure out how to take it to that next level.

 If you're a small business that is looking to unleash your brand product and services to the world but don’t have deep pockets of a large marketing budget.

 If you're an activist that is looking to push your message to the masses but don’t know the first things about social media, marketing and creative distribution.

 If you just want to learn a little about what is now possible with only a Smartphone or Iphone.

Don't Be a digital dinosaur, be a digital leader!

Smartphone Media Production

A media revolution for everyone.

Use the power of your smartphone to create media for your business, project or group. Smartphone Media Production will show you how to plan, capture, edit, distribute and track your visions - all from your phone. The book includes cheat guides, best apps, worked examples and more.





Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who is ready to embrace the future, businesses, entrepreneurs, activists, organisers, authors, YouTubers, Facebookers, Twitter lovers. If you are looking to make an impact online then this is the guide that takes a product you already have and shows you how to use it. Master live video, video production, photography, audio recording, social media and more.

About the Author

Smartphone Media Production ( book) is written by award-winning filmmaker Robb Wallace. Robb has a degree in Broadcast Production where he graduated top of his class and he now runs his own media company. In this book, he presents a no-nonsense look at how the mobile phone is changing the game. With his direction, information and know-how you will soon be planning and creating engaging content, before broadcasting it wide and far, and all from your mobile phone.

Leave the competition behind, learn the ideas and concepts behind media production from a professional and see your Smartphone for the pocket powerhouse it is.

The book covers.

Auido-Production-Iphone-smartphoneCreate Powerful Audio

Learn how to capture clear audio on your Smartphone. Use audio to sell your services and products? Radio indents, Podcasts and more.


Create Amazing Images

Learn the theory of smartphone photography. Learn how to edit your smartphone images. Are you using images to sell your brand, product or services?  Do you want to take better iPhone images?


Create Engaging Video

Are you using video to engage your customers? Learn how to capture Smartphone videos. Learn how to edit video on your smartphone / iPhone. Learn the best apps for video editing.  Learn how to distribute and track your smartphone videos. 


Master The Social Sphere

Learn the Tips and Tricks of Social Media. After you have produced amazing iPhone images, smartphone movies and more you will need to learn how to get them posted out.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google +.

Don't Be a digital dinosaur, be a digital leader!


All Of The Best Apps.

For both IOS & Android For each topic covered.  Best audio capturing apps, audio editing apps, photography apps, image editing apps, video capturing apps, video editing apps, live streaming apps, productivity apps, social media apps and more.


Excellent Cheat Guides

Key information to make life easier. After you have read the book, the cheat guides become your quick reference guide to some of the core concepts covered.  Perfect for when you are out and about capturing excellent creative content to load up your Social Media channels.


The Ultimate Guide

Become a Facebook live streaming expert. Everyone is Facebook live streaming but very few know how to use it. Learn how to Facebook live stream like a pro, with the help of SMPs ultimate live streaming guide you and your brand will be leaving the competition behind. Time for your brand to take centre stage.


Smartphone Accessories

No stone is left unturned in Smartphone Media production! When you're ready for the next level, we have you covered with ideas and products to take your audio, photography, video and live streaming to that professional level.

Smartphone Media Productions breakdown.

Section 1

Introduction to media production, its history and technology as well as a look at what is now possible. This section will put everything in context and inspire you to dream big.



Introduction - A very brief history - Hardware - The possibilities .

Section 2

An in-depth look at the smartphone's creative tools. This section includes a breakdown of core concepts for production, including how to plan, capture, edit, distribute and track your creations. 



Creating your brand - Structure - The treatment - Audio - Photography - Video - Live Streaming

Section 3

Looks at the phone's key features for communication and distribution, delving into the key Social media apps of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



Communications - key Phone features - Social - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Google - Conclusion -

Don't Be a digital dinosaur, be a digital leader!

Conquering the world one book at a time!


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