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Customer feedback is the lifeblood of our business. Tell us what’s on your mind, good or bad.

We respond to all customer feedback and look forward to hearing from you! We are always looking to make improvements to our product and services.

Feedback from our customers is how we improve our products and services. We value your input, it is how we make things better, so have your say and help us make things better.

Things we really want to hear about.

The Good

  • How amazing your Smartphone Media Production experience has been! How it transformed your business, group, social media, photography, video production etc.
  • New Chapter ideas for upcoming and revised editions.
  • New Apps,  updated apps better for any of the categories/ chapters covered in the book. We want to hear about the latest apps for both the Android and IOS platforms.  There are so many new apps and sometimes great apps escape our radar.
  • New ways of doing things – If you have a streamlined process using your phone that is better than what you’ve read in Smartphone Media Production then lets us know. If it good it might make it into future editions of the book. Full credits will be given.
  • New technology
    • The latest phone technologies be it the new iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc, be it new processors, new cameras etc.
    • We love our accessories and are always looking for new ones to make our media production better, slicker, more professional.
    • DIY projects that solve the problems the market hasn’t seen yet.
  • Interesting blog posts, websites, articles, social media posts to do with Smartphone Media Production, mobile filmmaking, Iphonography, Smartphone Photography, Smartphone Videography, Smartphone Video editing, Social Media, Business, Entrepreneurship etc.

But more importantly, we want to hear about any negative customer experience you had.

Customer service thumbs up or down

The Bad

  • Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes etc
  • Unclear descriptions in the book
  • Misprints, misaligned prints, damaged prints
  • Delivery issues
  • And any other thing that lowered your Smartphone Media Production customer experience.













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