Huawei P20 Pro – Real Sample Images

huawei-P20-Pro-Smartphone-Media-imagesHuawei P20 Pro – Real Sample Images

First off, the camera on this phone is amazing. I just have to start with that.  To cover the basics of the Huawei P20 Pro and why I chose it over the competition and then some sample images.


The Camera Smartphone of 2018

The P20 Pro has three cameras and a larger sensor than the majority of the competition. The 3 lenses, bring a variety that has not yet been seen in a slim smartphone body. The large sensor brings in more light and remember photography is about capturing light, the greater the capacity to capture light generally the better the photos. This combination of more lenses, a larger sensor, fast apertures and great camera software made the Huawei P20 PRO the highest scoring smartphone on DXO Mark (first half of 2018) by ten clear points.


Why Did I choose it the P20 Pro?

Ok so why did I chose this over the Samsung S9+ which also has a fantastic camera or the Lg G7 or the Google pixel 2 XL etc etc. The main reason was price!! The P20 pro has  more camera options, an extra 2 gb of ram, 128gb of storage and still came in under £300 cheaper via contract than the Samsung, Lg or Google handset. This this is an example of how Chinese companies are doing high end Smartphones, once the home of cheap nasty phones they are now breaking new ground in key areas, whilst the other key players stagnate and regurgitate small updates on last years model, looking at you APPLE and SAMSUNG.


A phone for Business

Now lets not forget that a smartphone is a valuable assets to your business, local group, volunteer projects, activism etc. A smartphone that can deliver high end photography and video with little expert knowledge is always going to be a great asset. Add to that fantastic battery life, a fast processor and lots of ram and your content creation just became supersized. Capturing, editing and distributing branded content like video, photos, live streams are easy with this top tier handset.  One of the great features is the AI camera assistant so if you don’t want to go PRO and just want to hit the red capture button your almost guaranteed a great picture every time.  That is great in terms of light capture not in terms of framing, learn framing and the other rules of photography, as well as image editing and distribution with a copy of Smartphone Media Production.


Image Sample Hauwei P20 Pro


Mono – One of the three lenses is a monochrome sensor and this gives details to the colour images. However, you can shoot solo on the mono and it gives gorgeous Black and White images like this.


Zoom – The P20 Pro has a 5 times optical zoom, this is done using the larger image sensor and the telephoto lens. Below are three images one shot at 5 x zoom, 3 x zoom and one shoot at 1 x zoom to show there is no dramatic loss in detail. This was captured hand held with no tripod. Incredible!!

5 x zoom

3 x zoom


1 x zoom


Image editing – If you have read Smartphone Media Production the Book, I always recommend an edit and branding. let the customer know how to get to your product or service. (I broke my own rule with the above images but this is to show the raw camera image generated by the Huawei P20 pro)

Zoom x3 edited in snapseed, lightened and branding added.



Night Mode- During day light you can use night mode to make and HDR style shot which brings out the shadows and highlights in and image and gives more over all detail to the photo.



In conclusion

The images above will hopefully show that the P20 Pro delivers excellent zoom, excellent image quality and a great companion for you media creation moving forward. For more information and to buy a copy of the book click here. 





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Buy on Kindle for only $9.99