Iphone Photography – It’s convenient. 


iPhone Photography – It’s convenient.

Just let this image sink in for a minute. It is a prime example of the convenience of iPhone Photography, I took the photo on my Samsung Galaxy S7 because it is, in one image EVERYTHING I am writing about in Smartphone Media Production. Here is a tourist in Iceland, like me and my family doing Iceland’s famous “Golden Circle”. The sites are amazing and everyone has their cameras ready to get those all important holiday snaps, myself included.


You have the option of either one of your two, top of the range compact cameras. Both of these cameras have optical zoom, both cameras are easily accessed (out of their bags, hanging from the shoulder) and both of these cameras will take excellent shots and produce amazing images. So why did this gentleman time and time again, at multiple sites ignore the two compact cameras and shot exclusively with his iPhone?


I believe the answer is simple, time and convenience. The answer lies in my observations of this photographer. After every few shots, he would spend time furiously navigating his phone. As I was at a distance I can only speculate that he was editing his images and then share them online.

Top Trump

I believe the edit and sharing features will time and time again pull the casual photographer away from their compact cameras, bridge and even DSLRs when it comes to photography. If you’re looking to take a pic, give it a quick edit and upload it to your Twitter then iPhone photography or smartphone photography trumps every other camera set up available for convenience.

The Future

I believe this is the future of photography, the cameras on our smartphones are in some cases as good as rival compact cameras. Add in the ability to edit and distribute and now we have the future of photography.

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Ps Here is a short video I shot and edited on my phone from Iceland.

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