Smartphone Media

Smartphone Media

The traditional forms of media that we consume daily like newspapers, TV news, magazines, live video, films, photographic images, articles, live broadcasts, comics etc have been for many years tightly controlled.  The smartphone has changed this by giving everyone access to a fully fledged, state of the art broadcast studio. The Smartphone Media Production book is the manual for this media production studio be it smartphone video, smartphone photography, Facebook live streams, smartphone audio capture, distribution and tracking via Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) and more.  On this page, you find a selection of smartphone images, smartphone videos, live streams and more that have been planned, captured and edited on just a

On this page, you will find an example of smartphone photography, smartphone videos, smartphone video editing, Facebook live streams and more. Each of these examples will in time link to a dedicated page, each piece of media has been planned, captured and edited on just a smartphone.  These examples will hopefully demonstrate to you how the media production game has changed.  The examples below demonstrate that it is now possible to create branded images, promotional videos and more with only your iPhone or Android smartphone.


Smartphone Videos


Title: Iceland

Description: Promotional video

Equipment: Filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S7 mounted on a Zhiyun smooth C for stabilisation.

Edited: On a PC

Detail: This smartphone video was shot over a long weekend in Iceland. It was shot exclusively on a Samsung S7, the smartphone was mounted on a 3 axis stabiliser (Zhiyun smooth C). The stabiliser gives the smartphone video that Hollywood gliding feel, smoothing out any bumps shakes etc. This is extremely important when producing professional looking footage.    Stabilisation and other techniques are expanded upon in the book.


Smartphone Photography

A short selection of images that have been captured and edited on a smartphone.