Mobile World Congress 2017- A look at what’s new!

Mobile World Congress 2017 is traditionally where the worlds smartphone manufacturers release there latest and greatest tech as well as their new flagship phones.

Every year the industry meets to cover all aspects of mobile technology from new mobile processors, new smartphone cameras, new flagship smartphone handsets, new budget handsets, new industry standards, future challenges, future technologies and more.

Here at Smartphone Media Production, we are mainly interested in media orientated technologies and improvements, so with that in mind lets have a look at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Mobile World Congress 2017 Smartphones

All the phones listed here are at the premium end are examples of what’s cutting edge in the mobile media production arena. The main technology displayed in the major phones at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2017 were faster OIS, faster focusing, brighter lenses, faster processors and more ram. All these smartphones have exceptional cameras and enough processing power to capture, edit and distribute audio, images and video on the go.

Huawei P10 plus

Kirin 960 Octa-core processor

6GB RAM, 128GB storage

Dual Rear cameras – 20-megapixel monochrome sensor, coupled with a 12-megapixel colour sensor with optical image stabilisation

Huawei-P10-plus-Mobile World Congress 2017


Snapdragon 821


Dual 13 megapixel rear sensors with optical image stabilisation

LG-G6-Mobile World Congress 2017

Sony XZ premium

Snapdragon 835

4K HDR display


19 MP motion eye camera with optical image stabilisation

Sony-XZ-premium Mobile World Congress 2017

Top level Optical Image Stabilisation on  this Sony smartphone camera.

Smartphone Cameras


5 x optical zoom with optical image stabilisation.

oppo-zoom Mobile World Congress 2017


Motion Eye – 960 Frames per second with image stabilisation. What will you film in super slow mo?

Lots of dual camera setups utilising them for DOF and ZOOM

sony-motion-eye Mobile World Congress 2017


ZTE showed working examples of 5G, that is promises of 1GB per second. Transmission and the ability to stream 4K now becomes possible with 5G. As the ability to record 4K becomes standard we will need 5G speed to transfer the files around at speed.

Qualcomm’s 835 also offer 5G and 1GB per second.

zte-gigabit-phone Mobile World Congress 2017


Very important for video editing and multi-tasking as we become super users or power users know. I was expecting more smartphones with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Like the recently release Asus ZenFone AR With 8GB RAM.



The big thing in processors this year is the Snapdragon 835 and Xiaomis move to its new in-house ”SurgeS1 processor”. Samsung, Huawei and Apple all have their own processors (ie all the big players). This allows them to integrate their software and hardware more efficiently, allowing for some performance gains over the competition.



We are one step closer to the Smartphone media Production revolution, all we need now is the knowledge of media production from a Smartphone perspective to catch up with the technology. Grab a copy of the book to get yourself a head of the curve.