Smartphone Book Guest Blog by Monkeytron Collective


Smartphone Book Guest Blog by Monkeytron Collective

Big Al from Monkeytron Collective shows you what is possible when you unlock the power of the smartphone in your pocket. Smartphone Video Production, Smartphone Video editing, Facebook Live streams and more.  Everything is possible when you put the knowledge into practice. Robb Wallace


Howdy, My name is Al and I run Monkeytron Collective. Monkeytron Collective is me and my family and mainly what we get up to in our spare time. We attend comic con events as traders selling toys and custom-made props, Nerf Blasters being a speciality of ours, we also attend lots of Nerf events and even organise and run some ourselves and we also collect lots of toys and cosplay too.


It all started as a small idea about me getting rid of some of my collection as I no longer had room for it all so we booked a table at a large comic con event. I decided early on I wanted my table to look the part as I was competing with some big high Street names and seasoned event traders so early on I decided to come up with a logo and brand idea to make my stall look a bit more professional and not like a jumble sale. The weekend was a huge success and we decided to do it all again and we have steadily increased the branding and signage over the last few years to include not just the original table banner and labels to have pop up banners, the shirts, hoodies and other signs that all have the same theme and also tie into the Facebook page and other social media.


As things progressed and we started to attend more and more events and become more involved I decided I wanted to have a go at video content and youtube to document some of our events and my projects. Having absolutely no idea where to start with this I was thinking I would need a new camera, a PC, editing software and equipment and lots of knowledge and kept putting it off, then I read about Smartphone Media production and my interest was peaked.


The premise of being able to do everything I wanted to do just by using the phone I already had in my pocket was an amazing concept to me and not something that I had really thought about. I had a high-end phone in my pocket not doing much more than the usual phone, texting and browsing and I didn’t realise its potential. After reading the book I immediately started to produce some video content and get my Youtube channel started. Along with the knowledge and tips the book gave me I invested in some small pieces of equipment to help me, tripods and phone mounts and some lenses but nothing near the investment I originally thought I would need, I also pay a small yearly subscription to a video editing app to give me access to a handy on the go video making tool that I use for most of my videos. I’m not saying that I was producing award-winning films from the beginning, far from it but I can personally see how my contents progressing as I go on and I am now producing video content I’m quite proud of and really didn’t think would have been possible just using a single piece of hardware that was sitting in my pocket all along.


monkeytron-collectiveRealising the strength of a consistent brand theme and using the principles of smartphone media production have been crucial to me establishing my little hobby/small business and with the bookings and plans to come this year it obviously working for me.

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