5 Music videos shot on a smartphone / iphone


5 Music videos shot on a mobile / smartphone / iphone

The times are changing, no longer does a young up and coming band need to pay big bucks to have their music videos planned, shot, professional edited and distributed by a professional media producer. As someone who earns a living from making Music Videos (and all other forms of media),  I can tell you first hand how so many bands are now taking to creating a “cheap music video” using only their phone or camcorder.


Pros and Cons

As you can imagine there are many pros and many cons to crafting your own music video. Now I chose the word “crafted” carefully because it instils the idea of skills earned, of passion and precision. Unfortunately, most of the DIY music videos, promo videos etc being made today are absolute garbage.  The main reason for this is they are musicians or business folks or activists and they are thinking with this head and not with the head of a filmmaker.

My Why?

This is one of the main reasons I wrote “Smartphone Media Production – A Media Revolution for Everyone”. For the first time in history, almost everyone carries a fully loaded BBC level studio in their pocket yet about 5% (and I am being generous with that figure) have any knowledge, passion, skills (earned over time) to begin to leverage the amazing technology they carry around.

Application of Knowledge 

When used properly and with knowledge and experience, the smartphone/iPhone in your pocket can be transformed into that BBC level production studio. A studio so powerful it is only limited by your own imagination. But like any other skill, there are no shortcuts. Knowledge must be consumed, digested and put into practice, but the more you practice the better you get. Input = output.

“Smartphone Media Production” is the manual, it is the knowledge. It is the media theory and practice of how to Plan, Capture, Edit, Distribute and Track creative projects solely with a mobile phone. That’s ten years of knowledge from a multi award winning media producer!!

You have the power!

So what can be done with just a phone?? below are 5 music videos (with a further playlist that has 13 and counting) that have been shot on a mobile, be it a smartphone (Android ) or iPhone (IOS). Some have been filmed and edited on the phone. The future is now if you are a band,  business, activist, author etc you need a copy of this book, you need the skills. you must be as technical as you are creative!!


Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You

World renowned artist Elli Goulding’s How Long Will I Love You video was shot on a Nokia 1020 (Do you remember Nokia?) Impressive?


Rash Decision – RUMBLESTRIP

On the other end of the spectrum is Hardcore/ Skatecore punks Rumblestrip and their epic Rash Decision video. This video looks like it was shot, edited and distributed via a smartphone. This is a prime example of how a well-planned and perfectly executed music video can be simple, energetic and powerful.

Christafari – Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Official Music Video [Feat. Avion Blackman]

Rash decisions punks spectacle is simple yet effective, Christafaris is at the other end of the spectrum! Multiple movement shots, angles and set framing add to this spectacular underwater shots! This was all filmed on an iPhone – impressive I know.

Samuel Sanders ft Patrick Bass – Captured

This is another great example of multiple camera perspectives, with lots of movements, angles and framing. Again this was completely shot on the smartphone, this time on HTCs running Android.


Trio Mandili – Come vorrei (Ricchi i Poveri cover)

This music video by folk band Trio Mandili is probably the simplest style of smartphone music video that can be made. It’s a simple, well-framed selfie video but there is more to it than first meets the eyes!!



For more music videos shot on a smartphone / iPhone / mobile check out this playlist, which I will add to every time I come across a good example.


To buy a copy of the book and takes your skills to the next level click here or to buy on Amazon kindle click here.

No excuses, get creating.