Quality content – Are you posting it?


Calling all business owners, DIY marketers, entrepreneurs and activists. Calling everyone who uses their phone to promote their products and services. If you currently create content for your social media, you will most likely fit into one of these two categories.


Category 1 – Passionate and driven but with NO media knowledge, practice or experience.

This category of content creators regularly sends out over exposed poorly framed images, shaky non-engaging video and disastrous live streams with no knowledge of each medium, their rules, conventions etc.


Category 2 – Passionate and driven with a good understanding and practice of media knowledge.

This category of content creators post out killer branded images, engaging High-Quality videos and phenomenal live streams.


Creating Quality Content

Is it possible to move from category 1 to category 2?  Yes, it is not only possible but it is also highly recommended. The question is: Do you engage with Facebook videos that shake and randomly fly all over the place? Do you have the patience to sit through wind noise so bad you can’t hear the speaker? Do you show love to poor quality images on Instagram? or a five minute poor me intro to a product you were interested in? or a “click bait” title that has no relevance to the video? Either do I and neither will your audience and these are just a few examples.

This is one of the main reason I wrote Smartphone Media Production – A media revolution for everyone. I am a multi award-winning media professional that lives and breathes all forms of content creation. For over ten years I have been creating content for personal projects and commercial clients.  Back when I started producing creative content (music videos, adventure documentaries, commercial photography,  podcasts and more ) you had to make both a financial and educational commitment to purchase equipment that would enable you to make your content ie photographic images, videos and live broadcasts. To date, I have invested over £30K in my media education and equipment. Today almost everyone carries around a fantastic camera, camcorder and computer in their pocket. Today’s smartphones are capable of capturing, editing and distributing professional creative content.


Bridging the gap.

Are you ready to become a content producer? Ready to learn? Are you ready to leave the poor quality content behind and make a commitment to start delivering the high-quality content your brand and your customers deserve? If your ready ‘Smartphone Media Production’ is ready and waiting. It condenses 10 years of award winning media production, a degree in Broadcast Production (where I graduated top of my class winning the UWS court medal for academic excellence) combined with passion and love of teaching media skills. I will show you how to plan, capture, edit, distribute and track your visions – all from your phone. The book includes cheat guides, best apps, worked examples and more.

The choice is yours?  A £10 book that will give you a solid grounding in all things media creation,  that will take you from category 1 to category 2 in no time. Smartphone Media Production is full of industry knowledge, worked examples as well as cheat guides, images and more.


Is it worth it?

Everyone wants value, and the knowledge value of the book must exceed the monetary value that is being asked for. Hopefully, I have demonstrated the value to you and why you should invest £10 in a copy (£15RRP from Amazon etc). I currently charge £40 PH to consult, advise and or create media for clients at  Robb Wallace Media, so getting the book is really a no brainer, however feel free to check out my customer testimonials etc over at Robb Wallace Media.

I know you are keen to start producing killer content, to start creating media worthy of your brand, to secure your copy click here.