Smartphone video production tools

out-with-the-old- smartphone-media-productionThe only smartphone video production tools you need are your phone (smartphone or iPhone) and a copy of Smartphone Media Production: A media revolution for everyone.

A lot of people are still in the frame of mind that 1) Amature video is worthless 2) Professional video production is the only option and 3) Video production is uber expensive.

What If I told you, you could get the value of video marketing without the expense but (and it is a big BUT) you will have to learn the skills. Gary Vee, the infamous internet marketer believes the future of marketing is “creative folks being technical and technical folks being creative” – i.e. you need to start learning how to be creative!!

New Skills

Learning any new skills requires the tools for the job and the reality is you already have the tool. The smartphone/iPhone you hide in your pocket is your audio recorder, photography camera, HD camcorder, live broadcaster, audio editor, image editor, video editor as well as the distribution vehicle.

Purchasing a copy of Smartphone Media Production is the next step. After reading the book you will have the confidence and the knowledge to begin experimenting. Soon you will be planning, capturing, editing and distributing your creative projects from everywhere and anywhere.


Power in your pocket

Your phone is a BBC / CNN / FOX / SKY level TV production studio. The technology is in your possession but the knowledge of how to use it is not. The ‘Smartphone Media Production – A media revolution for everyone’ book will give you a firm grounding in all aspects of media production. Take control and move from being a passive content consumer to an active content producer and all with just your phone. Take control of your brand and have the confidence to react to the trends with creative content instantly and begin to drive traffic to your products and services.

You know your brand better than any agency, learn the skills and get ready to take over.


Buy the book “Smartphone Media Production”  here  or on Amazon Kindle here