Snapchat Face Mapping Comedy


The potential for using Snapchats lens feature for comedy is infinite. The Snapchat lens gives you the ability to face map any famous face to your face in real time. This allows the inner comedian to produce skits and to produce Snapchat Face Mapping Comedy.

The catalyst

On the 4th of January I released this video on Facebook. The video demonstrates some face swapping features I use for fun, ultimately the video shows folks how it is done. I used Conor McGregor and Nate Diazs (both famous MMA fighters) as examples. I shared the video out to various communities, including some MMA site hoping someone would take my ideas and run with them.

The disciple

Comedian Al Foran famous for his Conor impersonations, to my ideas and ran with them.  He produced this sketch with Conor and Floyd and their potential match up (a fantasy matchup between a top MMA fighter and the best boxer ever!!). Al does fantastic impressions and with the Snapchat lens face mapping his work is taken to a whole new level, he really does a fantastic job at creating his sketch.

The phone you hold in your hand has some amazing technology and the potential it can unleash is unlimited. The question is are you willing to learn how to use it? To buy your copy of Smartphone Media Production click here.