Snapseed Head Swap and Background Removal


Snapseed Head Swap and Background Removal video from Smartphone Media Production.

As you know Snapseed is an extremely powerful mobile editing app. I love playing with snapseed and regularly challenge myself to see if I can step away from photoshop and replicate the same techniques etc in Snapssed alone.

Using only Snapseed I challenged my self to swap my head out. It took me a few attempts to work out a workflow for this only using Snapseed on my Ipad. This technique can be used on any smartphone Android or Apple using Googles Snapseed image editing app. I have a few other videos and blogs on Snapseed so check out them here.




Link to Blog – Snapseed Layer Mask

Snapseed Layer Mask

Link to Blog – Snapssed Layers and Text

Snapseed Layers and Text


The key to this Snapseed Head Swap technique was the Double exposure filter, after using it you need to go back in and edit it, and then brush away all that you dont need. I then added some filters to hide the join.

Have fun with snapseed. Buy the book @