Snapseed Layers and Text

Snapseed is a powerful image editing app/software for both IOS and Android smartphones. The software is made by industry leaders GOOGLE and has lots of options. Snapseed is one of the most powerful smartphone/iPhone apps available. It can be used to produce spectacular images for your business. In this tutorial, we will look at Snapseed Layers and Text. For more information about mobile/iPhone photography theory, ideas and concepts as well as image editing theory, terms and concepts check out my book Smartphone Media Production.

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Snapseed Layers and Text Tutorial.

In this tutorial/video capture, I use multiple layers, text, and various filters to produce the final image. Included in this video is taking away from a layer using a brush, for example keeping the colour in one part of the image whilst making the rest of the image black and white.


snapseed-layer-masksIf you enjoyed this tutorial you may enjoy my Snapseed Tutorial on Layer Masks where I make the background Black and White whilst leaving the foreground subjects in colour. Click on the image  to watch the video on how this is done.

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