6GB RAM Smartphone

6GB RAM Smartphone – Ram in a high end Smartphone circa 2018. Don’t be a Digital Dinosaur – Be a Digital Leader! Smartphone Media Production . Use the power of your smartphone to create media for your business, project or group. Smartphone Media Production will show you how to plan, capture, edit, distribute and track your visions – all from your phone. The book includes cheat guides, best apps, worked examples and more.

oppo-zoom Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017- A look at what’s new!

Mobile World Congress 2017 is traditionally where the worlds smartphone manufacturers release there latest and greatest tech as well as their new flagship phones. Every year the industry meets to cover all aspects of mobile technology from new mobile processors, new smartphone cameras, new flagship smartphone handsets, new budget handsets, new industry standards, future challenges, future technologies and more. Here at Smartphone Media Production, we are mainly interested in media orientated technologies and improvements, so with that in mind lets have a look at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Mobile World Congress 2017 Smartphones All the phones listed here are […]