Top 5 Chinese smartphones (Android) – Dec 2016

top-5-chinese-smartphonesTop 5 Chinese smartphones (Android) – Dec 2016

Our criteria for  “top 5 Chinese smartphones  (Android) – Dec 2016” is based on raw power, RAM, camera, battery and memory capacity. These are the key parameters a Smartphone Media Production reader will be focused on.

Check your network

Before we get started if you are buying a Chinese phone and bringing it into the UK, USA, Europe etc then you need to make sure that the device will work with the networks in your country.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying an amazing phone without checking the networks, I bought a Pantech Vega 2 that only worked on one network and only on 2G, learn from my mistakes.  is the best site for checking your network, select you Brand, Model and Country and it will tell you what networks will work with your phone and what radios will work on each network. Ie will you get 4G on Vodafone? “Will my phone work” will let you know.


In no particular order, here are the top 5 Chinese smartphones December 2016.


1 . Oneplus 3T

The one plus 3T is now sold on O2 in the UK so you’re almost guaranteed it will work on a number of networks here in the UK. The One plus 3T is a powerhouse and is China’s self-styled flagship killer. The One plus 3T is one of the most powerful phones on the market, coupled with an O.I.S camera and some of the best internals around, this is an example of a China phone that is starting to rival the big Korean (Samsung and LG) makers.

Key Specs:

Antuntu benchmark: 164 111  (higher is better Iphone 7plus is the fastest at 170 000)

Processor:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (2.35GHZ)


Camera: 16 MP

Stabilisation: YES – Optical Image Stabilisation  (The best kind)

Storage : Built it: 64GB or 128GB

Storage: Expandable:

Battery capacity. 3400 MAH with Dash Charge (Quick charging)


2. LeEco Le Pro 3

This is another super high-end Chinese phone, it is almost the same specs as the One Plus 3T, the main difference is it has 2GB of RAM less, the cameras lacks stabilisation and the UI, ie LeEcos own Netflix like brand is bloat loaded to the hilts!! but this can be resolved with a custom Launcher app like Nova Launcher.  The handset has 4GB of RAM,  this is the same as the Samsung S7!! and provides plenty of memory for demanding applications like video editing. Camera stabilisation is one of the key things when considering a high-end ( yet cheap by comparison ) Chinese smartphone for media production, the lack of OIS (Optical image stabilisation ) is a constant theme in Chinese smartphones.

Key Specs:

Antuntu benchmark : 160 856

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821


Camera: 16MP

Stabilization: Digital not optical.

Storage: Built it: 64GB

Storage: Expandable: N/A

Battery capacity:  4070 MAH , Quick Charge


3. Xiaomi MI5s

Xiaomi is fast becoming one of Chinas top phone manufactures. A company that really does put form and design at the forefront of its concepts. This phone has like the two above, power for days and a super fast Snapdragon 821. The camera, unfortunately, has no optical stabilisation just digital, strange as the MI5 has 4 axis optical stabilisation.

Key Specs: 

Antuntu benchmark : 142 820

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821


Camera: 12MP – Digital not optical.


Storage : Built it: 128GB

Storage : Expandable: N/A

Battery capacity. 3200MHA, Quick Charge


4. ZTE Axon 7

Front facing speakers, expandable memory and optical image stabilisation there is nothing not to like with ZTEs flagship offering.  The Axon 7 has built itself a solid reputation among Chinese phone users and ticks all the boxes for an excellent Smartphone media production powerhouse.

Key Specs:

Antuntu benchmark: 140 392

Processor: Qualcomm 820


Camera: 20MP

Stabilisation: Optical and digital

Storage: Built it: 64GB

Storage: Expandable: YES up to 128 GB

Battery capacity. 3250 with Quick Charge


5. UMI Plus 6E

The UMI Plus E is a thing of beauty and the only one here not to have a Qualcomm under the hood. The processor is the brain of the phone and when it comes to video editing might is right!! Unfortunately, the Helio P20 falls short of the Snapdragon 820/821 but with plenty of RAM, a solid battery and expandable memory its still a great smartphone for media production. It is also the cheapest by far.

Key Specs: 

Antuntu benchmark: 62 912

Processor: Helio P20 2.3GHZ


Camera: 14 MP

Stabilisation: Digital

Storage: Built it: 64GB

Storage: Expandable: YES up to 256 GB

Battery capacity. 4000 MHA



These are the Top 5 Chinese smartphones as of December 2016 and in my opinion the best Chinese smartphones available. Once shunned as inferior to the large American, Japanese and Korean brands, Chinese smartphones are fast becoming the leaders in all aspects of performance. These phones are perfect for smartphone photography, video, live streaming, video editing, image editing, social media and more. No matter what you through at these handsets they will deliver every time and at a fraction of the cost.


Thanks for reading, please feel free to share and comment.




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