Why Buy The Book ?


My friends know me as the author of the premier smartphone media training book, they know me as a self-employed media producer (www.RobbWallaceMedia.com) and as a full time employed Digital Manager for Splash White Water Rafting (rafting.co.uk) Scotland’s premier white water rafting company.


As someone who has a wide range of key digital skills in this fast moving digital frontier, I am on many occasions the first port of call for information regarding websites, video, social media, photo editing and video editing.

[bctt tweet=”I always recommend they purchase a copy of my book”].

No matter what the question is that I am asked, the first thing I always do is recommend they purchase a copy of my book   They usually laugh at this as they see the business man in me pushing my product at every turn, however, the real reason is the knowledge that can be found in plain text within its pages; knowledge that can help better understand their initial problem/question.

[bctt tweet=”When we move from being content consumers to content creators, the game will change.”]

I am a firm believer that when individuals move from being content consumers to becoming content creators, that the game will change. This is why I wrote the book “Smartphone Media Production” : A media revolution for everyone and this is why I recommend it before quoting for a job or offering advice.


After reading the book, all aspects of media and its production will be clearer. The book gives the reader a firm grounding in all things media related, including media theory, terminology, worked examples and more. The only thing it doesn’t do is the work. The knowledge within the book opens up the reader and equips them with better tools for communicating creative ideas, media projects and conveying potential problems to media producers (like myself) and so on.


It shows the reader ways in which they can begin to utilise their smartphone / iPhone to begin producing content for their social media channels, their blogs, website SEO and more. But the information is not limited to the smartphone. I focus on the smartphone because it is the future of media production but the knowledge within the book is still relevant for anyone creating traditional digital media via a laptop, desktop, digital camera, camcorder etc.


I am a problem solver and a generalist, I love looking at the whole picture, I love the holistic viewpoint. In the 90s we owned a desktop, laptop, digital camera, digital calculator, dictaphone, music player, video player, games console, photo album, blockbuster subscription and many other single devices/ items that have now been integrated and replaced by the smartphone. The generalist view is the only way to see the borderless digital economy as it evolves, it is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.


Educating yourself to begin to think like a media producer, a content creator, a problem solver will take your brand and your business to the next level. Even if the content is not created by yourself, you will (after reading the book, Smartphone Media Production) be able to effectively communicate your ideas to your preferred digital media agency (I recommend www.RobbWallaceMedia.com.) With the knowledge in the book you could become more cost effective by reducing the amount of hours wasted attempting to communicate your creative ideas, it will give you greater confidence in your own brand, greater definition in your brand’s direction as well as helping you develop skills that will help you contribute quality content (through dedicated practice) to your website, blog and social media channels.


I understand that not everyone has the time nor the interest to learn everything that is presented in the book, however, I would stress that in moving forward beyond 2017 every small business that wishes to succeed must have a firm understanding and grasp of its own in house digital strategies. The book gives enough information to open up the curiosity about media production and enough information to use effective dialogue when communicating ideas to out of house agencies.  What is possible is only limited by your imagination and hard work.


This is why I always answer with “purchase a copy of my book” if I have peaked your interest you can purchase a copy of my book here.